5th North British Militia Database

Here is a database with a complete list of all those that served with the Militia from 1798-1802

The Men were balloted from Fife, Stirling, Clackmannan & Kinross. Unfortunately in only a small percentage of cases have I managed to work out which county an individual soldier came from, as only the Muster Rolls have been located and not the Ballot lists or Description Books. It is also unclear how many men had been drawn by ballot and how many were substitutes (and therefore not necessarily from the parish or even county)

Most of the balloted private soldiers would have been aged between 19 and 23 as these were the ages set down by the Scottish Militia Act of 1797. Not all of the men would be though as substitutes could sometimes be old soldiers.

Please note that the best way to approach searching soldiers of this date is to think phonetically, the muster rolls were made up by the officers and most men were illiterate so the spelling of Surnames can change each time it is written. I have also found that first names can also be misleading as James and John are transposed quite often. In these databases I will endeavor to use the most commonly spelt variants.

If you find your man and want more details, you can buy a report from the shop which will show you under which Captains he served, detail when he was promoted or demoted, and list when he was sick, on detachment, in prison or granted leave with a Furlough.

The records I have consulted in the Public Records Office WO13 series are Crown Copyright and these databases have been made available under the terms of the Open Government License.