Fife Militia 1803-54

After a lot of time researching and typing here is the 2nd Militia database, it replaces the temporary Transfers database and shows all the men who served in the Fife Militia between 1803-54. Over 3,100 entries.

These databases will show basic careers in the Militia but if you want more detail, you can order a report on an individual soldier which will contain much more detail from the shop. The sort of details you may find are the soldiers company, duties and assignments (such as guards on the notorious Prison Hulks), promotions/reductions, punishments, descriptions (in a few cases), + details if I have any of births, marriages, deaths etc.

This database does not contain any of the Fife Militia Artillery 1855+ other than the odd Officer and NCO who continued to serve with the new force, as yet I have not heavily researched 1855 onwards.

Please note that the best way to approach searching soldiers of this date is to think phonetically, the muster rolls were made up by the officers and most men were illiterate so the spelling of Surnames can change each time it is written. I have also found that first names can also be misleading as James and John are transposed quite often. In these databases I will endeavor to use the most commonly spelt variants.

A Note on Regiments

The Regiments are labeled as they appear at the time, the more commonly known later names are listed below

The records I have consulted in the Public Records Office WO13 series are Crown Copyright and these databases have been made available under the terms of the Open Government License.